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Heather Hayward, President

Article by:
Heather Hayward,


Another year has past and we have just held our 20th Nature Night competition, and what a successful night it was.

Claude McCaskerWe had 13 outstanding videos in the programme this year.
The quality of all the videos made it difficult to choose but the audience vote was given to
Claude McCasker (left) for his video An Endangered Species. Claude presented an interview with Josephine Romeo (right)from the Gold Coast Butterflies Centre, showing us the life-cycle of the monarch butterfly and how we can help to stop the demise of butterflies on the Gold Coast.

Claude McCasker & Josephine Romeo

Coming in at second place was Colin Usher with
It Takes Two To Tango. A light hearted comedy about water-ducks building a nest with a commentary about how difficult it is building houses with todays prices.

Colin Usher and
President Heather Hayward

Roy Bonning & Heather Hayward

Third place went to Roy Bonning with
A Glimpse of Water in the Kimberley.
Roy took us on a tour of the many and varied water spots that
can be found whilst touring Western Australia’s Kimberly region.

Roy Bonning & Heather Hayward

Roy Bonning and
President Heather Hayward

Thank you to everyone who entered videos for this year's competition
and helped make the night the success it was. Thanks also to all the
ladies who donated to the delicious supper that we enjoyed after the show,
and to those who helped behind the scenes. Thanks also to Claude for bringing his busload of friends.

ALVIN Award 2016

Heather Hayward, President

Article by:
Heather Hayward,


Jorg Fedler, Winner Alvin Awards 2016

In June this year we held our annual Alvin Awards night at the Helensvale Cultural Centre. We had a great turn out of around 70 people.

Videos played on Alvin Night are viewed prior to the night by 3 independent judges, Narelle & Leith Lather, Kathryn & David Fennell and Eric Summers. Each video is assessed on objective and appeal of the video, camera work, editing and sound. This year we had 17 entries.

The winners of the night were Jorg Fedler with his film called "Michael", a short documentary about Michael Ward - Liqueur Maker from Tamborine Mountain. Jorg also took out the prize for best documentary and audience appeal prize. (94 points)

Second place was Colin Usher with his documentary video "Australian Artist - Robert Lovett". Robert Lovett is famous for his "Man from Snowy River" paintings reflecting on his life as a world-renowned Australian artist. (89 points)

Third place went to Heather Hayward for her documentary titled "Kangaroo" a combination video/time-lapse of a Danish Recycle Artist showing how he recycles wooden pallets into a kangaroo. (87 points)

"Both Colin and Jorg's videos have featured on the site, ABC Facebook page and the 24 Hour ABC channel.

Congratulations also go to Joe Davies for winning best travel video called "The Kimberly Experience", and Lorraine Lutz for winning the best audio/visual video called "Port Stephens Revisited".

Congratulations to all who entered the competition on a job well done and thank you to the judges for their time and effort.

The Federation of Australian Movie Makers Limited is the umbrella organization for many of this country's independent and non-commercial moviemakers.

(There are some interesting articles and helpful tips on this site. You go to the Home page, click on the 'Resources' button, then 'Magazines'.)

In February 2016 FAMM held their National Convention in the Hunter Valley, NSW. At the convention the GCVCC was awarded the Australian Federation Shield for scoring the highest points in the 'Five Best Competition'.

First place was "Jess" by Colin Usher. Colin chanced upon Jess Irwin while visiting the Central Coast of NSW. Wheelchair bound Jess was born with cerebral palsy. Jess communicates via her ipad and mobile phone. With the help of carers she leads a very active life. She runs her own web design and photography business and is a graphic artist. Jess's love for life and her positive outlook is an inspiration to others. Visit Jess's YouTube channel to view the film

Coming in, in 4th place was "The Amazing Honey Bee" by Garth & Glenda Threlfall, an interesting video about the life of the honeybee. Australia has its own native bees, but the English honeybee was introduced to Australia. The video shows how they collect pollen to make the honey and how valuable they are to our food production. It also shows us how they take honey out of a hive and a new invention taking amateur beekeepers by storm where the honey flows out of the hive without having to disturb the bees.

Congratulations also go to Jorg Fedler "She Is Wonderful", Jean-Pierre Checillot "Australian Mailboxes" and Heather Hayward "Inked Up". The combined points scored by the five movies allowed our club to win the award for the "five best" at the convention.

I was lucky enough to receive an award for being one of the 4 Most Improved Moviemaker.

Heather Hayward
President GCVCC


Heather Hayward, President

Article by:
Heather Hayward,


Hi All,
Our club meeting went well with good attendance and a good selection of movies shown.

Inter-Club Weekend with Brisbane
At the moment there are only about 8 or 10 people attending the Inter-Club Weekend. This event is a yearly occurrence shared by the Gold Coast, Brisbane Movie Makers and Darling Downs Film & Video Club. As you are all aware video clubs memberships are dropping in numbers, so it's important to offer support to member clubs. If you could just attend the night time dinner at the Capalaba Sports Club and afterwards the inter-club video viewing it would be a great way of showing support for both our club and other videographers as well. Everyone likes to show their videos to a large range of people, so please make an effort to attend this function. I am sure you would enjoy it.

Colin Usher, Claude and myself all took on the comments made about our videos made on the previous club meeting. Colin re-coloured his video on 'Unfinished Business', I recoloured and shortened the length on my video 'Timber Creek'. Claude made huge changes to his video 'Kitchen Rules'. It was suggested to him on his first viewing that the video would "have a lot more punch" if he cut the number of clips to make the video move along more quickly. To his credit, Claude did just that; he cut his video down from around 5 minutes down to 2 minutes. What a difference it made. In fact, after the viewing Claude received a round of applause for his efforts. Congratulations Claude on a job well done.

It's always hard to know what shots to put in to make a great story, but it's always harder to kill a shot if it doesn't make the story pop and move along, especially one that you really like.

The ABC Open site has lots of great videos stories to watch and learn by, but it also has tips/workshops on different subjects.

This particular tutorial is called  'Killing babies'  for better storytelling, by Jo Joyce Killing our babies  'Killing your babies'  or 'killing your darlings' is a term that writers and journalists use to describe the process of cutting out parts of writing that you really love, in order to shorten a story, and to make it a better, stronger piece. In editing video, it's the same thing. This particular video saw us kill a lot of our babies.

Have a read through the article and watch the accompanying video and next meeting we can discuss our thoughts on the subject.

Thanks go out to Roy Bonning, Dawn Coleman, Joe Davies, and John Freeman for their contributions for the night.

Next months video assignments are
- The Beauty of Trees
- Favourite Beach

Nature Night videos are to be given to Colin Usher by 12th October. Don't forget to put a 3 second black clip at the beginning and end of each video. This is to help Colin make breaks between each video as it's shown on the night.

Thanks to Lorraine Lutz and Maryann Davies for providing a very enjoyable supper for everyone.

Colin Usher has been taking the projector and associated equipment home. There will be occasions when he is unable to do so, so we require volunteers to look after the equipment, otherwise we will be holding meetings with no projector.

Happy videoing everyone!
Heather Hayward


Interesting Movie - Also Alvin Award Winner 2016   (ABC short version)


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