Gold Coast Video Camera Club
Gold Coast Video Camera Club
Gold Coast Video Camera Club

Welcome to your Club. We know you will enjoy contributing,
learning and making new friends.
***We invite all visitors to attend our Club Meetings at no cost***

Col Lutz, President

Col Lutz,


Time sure flies these days. Must be Global warming or something. Maybe it’s just that weare all enjoying life and our wonderful hobby of making videos? Whatever it is, it’s greatto be alive and able to do interesting things. Making videos is something that we cannever learn enough about and as technology changes, we can choose whether tochange with it or to stick with the old ways and, taking the easy path, blunder along as wehave in the past. Seeing what the general public does with iPhones etc. makes mewonder if we shouldn’t take stock of how we have been doing things in the past and maybe changethings up just a little to modernise.
Look at the work the kids at All Saints are doing. Their creations showreal imagination and teamwork. Maybe next year we can try to do some combined effort to produce, ifnot an epic, at least something more than we can achieve going solo. It would be terrific if we could haveevery member’s name in the credits at the end of an entertaining Doco or some other form of movie.
I’d like everyone to give this some thought and see if we can come up with a project. We are all a bitpast the acting bit but we have the funds to maybe pay some acting class students a few dollars toperform for our cameras. Could be fun!

Congratulations to the winners of Nature Night. It was a good night and I got great feedback fromHalcyon residents that attended. (Results below)

The Interclub Weekend was very well received by all the members involved and the people fromBrisbane and Darling Downs Clubs seemed to really enjoy the two days. The crab sangers were a fittingfinale.

A big thank-you to Joe & Maryann for the use of their home for the Xmas Party. It is a great venue forthis type of function and the only downside was the heat. Couldn’t do much about that but the company,the music from former member Tony Puls and the delicious food made up for any discomfort.

A lot of effort was put into providing the magnificent spread by Gisela, Jan and Lorraine. Thank you verymuch, ladies. The cost worked out pretty well with the contribution needed from club funds kept to anabsolute minimum.

Lorraine and I would like to thank all members for their participation in meetings, workshops and outingsand hope you all enjoyed your club in 2015.

We wish you a Very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe and we will catch up in January 2016.
Col Lutz

Nature Night 2015
Glenda ThrelfallGarth Threlfall First Place The Amazing Honey Bee Garth & Glenda Threlfall
Lorraine Lutz, Assistant Secretary   Second Place Nature's Many Faces Lorraine Lutz
Colin Usher    Third Place Mr. Kelley's Concert Colin Usher
Glenda Threlfall, Secretary

Glenda Threlfall,


Once again we come to the end of another year – our 26th in the history of the Club.
Although not as big as in our hey-day, we are doing very well – plenty ofenthusiasm, with a great variation of videos being brought in every Clubmeeting. Col is an inspiring President – never failing to have somethinginteresting to show us, and he and Lorraine put a great deal of work into the Club.

It was especially encouraging to see the great response for our InterClub weekend – most ofour members joined in, and we welcomed our friends from the Brisbane Movie Makers Cluband some from the Darling Downs also. The weather was kind to us and I think the weekendwas enjoyed by all.

Nature Night over once again – another enjoyable night – and thanks to Col & Lorraine forproviding another last minute rescue with a change of venue to their Halcyon complex. Garth& I were thrilled to be the winners this year – congratulations also to Lorraine for second placeand Colin Usher for third. Col’s photos from the night elsewhere in KlipsOur Christmas Party was a great success – aren’t we lucky to have generous members whoopen up their homes for our get-togethers – remembering the days of Joan’s “Barn” and Val &Harry’s hilltop home, we were once again back at Joe and Maryann’s with a perfect setting of afull moon over the water - and as always – a wonderful spread. Thank you Lorraine for all thehard work and organising, assisted by Jan and Gila, and all others who helped.We hope to see you all again on the second Wednesday in January with renewed enthusiasm.Can’t wait to see videos from all those who were tripping round the countryside and the worldduring the year!

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New year – with special wishesto those few that couldn’t make it to our party this time.

Happy videoing


FAMM Shield

Our Club has won the
"Australian Federation Shield "
for the second time in 2016

Congratulations to the winners:

Colin Usher Usher (first prize),
Glenda and Garth Threlfall (fourth prize)

Colin UsherGlenda Threlfall Garth Threlfall




Chance meeting leads to film tribute

Kara Sonter

FILM maker Colin Usher wasn't expecting to meet anyone special on the beach last Christmas Eve, but then he met Jess.

Twenty-six-year-old Jess was sitting at the beach with a camera on her lap but there was something about her that caught and held Colin's attention.

You see,the obviously talented,capable and · outgoing photographer was wheelchair-bound because of cerebralpalsy.After a 10-minute chat with Jess,who speaks through an iPad,he decid· ed to introduce the in· spirational woman to the world. And so the short-film Jess was created.It features this after·noon as part of the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival at the Civic Centre.

As Colin, from the Gold Coast and a one-man-band as far as film makers go, told The Gymph:Times yesterday about working with Jess and who she was to him,he admitted to getting emotional.
Colin said he hoped the film he made about her life, and all the wonderful things she does with it, would inspire his audience as much as Jess inspired him.

The film shows how Jess,despite her limitations,has mastered amazing talents including photography,graphic design and can even fly a plane.Be inspired by Jess at today's 2pm screening.

Colin Usher

Colin Usher (right) is a member of the
Gold Coast Video Camera Club


Interesting Movie

Interesting Movie

Our Club is proud to announce to
be the Federation Shield Winner for

FAMM Shield

"Australia's Five Best Movies 2014"

This is the first time in our club's history that we have won this award.

Congratulations to the winners: Colin Usher Usher (second), Jorg Fedler (fifth), Glenda and Garth Threlfall, Joe Davies and Val Leftwich.

Colin UsherJorg Fedler Glenda Threlfall
Garth Threlfall Joe Davis Valerie Leftwich

What We Do

Club Nights Club Nights
Mudgeeraba Primary School
Old Coach Road    Mudgeeraba QLD

Second and fourth Wednesday of each month.
7.15pm for 7.30 start.
Video Night
(Second Wednesday)

Videos you have completed, on any topic are welcome for viewing.
Always 'tell a story' with your video and never present an un-edited video for viewing.

This night allows members to show
longer holiday videos.
Video Night
Assignment Night
(Fourth Wednesday)

Mostly preceeded by a short demonstration or talk.

Monthly assignment topics for the year are listed here.

These are short videos of about 5 minutes to encourage discplined editing. Shorter videos from 2 minutes are quite acceptable.

Open discussion on these videos is encouraged, but a non-confidential judging sheet can be provided to assist you to improve your videos.
Workshops Workshops
Held on the Saturday following assignment night at 9.15am for 9.30 start.

Venues at members' home are advised prior to the date.
Workshops cover many subjects including documentary making, framing your shots, focusing, interviewing techniques and particulary editing your videos.

Members $4, visitors $6 including morning tea.
Often lunch (BYO) or discussion afternoon sessions.   
Club Outings
Club OutingsYour Club usually has a 'shoot' or social function, every month.

Members make their own videos, often collecting footage for future assignments or projects.
Alvin Award Night

This is the Club's prestigious annual event held in mid year.
A competition solely for Club members. Every member is encouraged to enter.

Videos can be up to a maximum of twelve minutes.

Between three and five qualified people within the film and video industry, and from outside the Club, judge each video entered. Awards are given for various categories.

The perpetual Alvin Award is presented to the overall winner.
Alvin Award Night is held annually and is open to the public.
Nature Night Movie Event Nature Night
November is our Nature Award Night.

Clubs from South East Queensland are invited to enter.

Videos can be up to a maximum of twelve minutes. Competition winner is decided by audience appeal, with the winner receiving a trophy.
Nature Night is held annually and is open to the public.
Klips NewsletterKLIPS

Our Club's 2-monthly website Newsletter.

Contains reviews of recent Club events, diary and items of interest to videographers and members.
Contributions to KLIPS are very welcome.

E-mail to   Editor
Library and Magazines Library and Magazines

Your Club has many DVDs, CDs and books which members are welcome to borrow.
A complete list is available on our web site.

Copyright free music CDs are also available for hire at a cost of $5.
Annual General Meeting AGM
At the August Club Assignment Night, nominations are called for all committee positions, as covered by the Club Rules.

The Annual General Meeting is on the fourth Wednesday in September and all positions are declared vacant.

A copy of the Club Rules is available from the Secretary on request.    
Subscriptions Subscriptions

Membership renewals are due on 31st December. Renewal forms can be downloaded

from the Club web site or just apply here

Payments to be forwarded with this form to the Treasurer, posted to the Secretary or direct credited to the Clubs bank account. Account details can be obtained from the Treasurer.

Membership is only $45 per year for a single member or couple. In addition local members pay a one-off joining fee of $25.
FAMM (Federation of Australian Movie Makers) FAMM Federation of Australian Movie Makers

Our Club is associated with FAMM.

Included in the annual Club subscription is a levy for your association with FAMM, including you in a group public liability insurance cover.

HousekeepingWe appreciate the Principal of Mudgeeraba Primary School, allowing us to use the staff room for our Club nights.

To ensure continued use, we would appreciate assistance returning the chairs to the teachers preferred groupng, after our videos have been screened.
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